Kai Kaphrao Khai Dao (Stir-fried Chicken with Hot Basil)

This recipe was lifted from the Pok Pok Thai cookbook, given to me by my brother and sister-in-law. Pok Pok is a Thai restaurant located in Portland, NYC, and LA, owned and founded by one Andy Ricker (also the author of the cookbook.)

I really can’t do justice to the frankly mouthwatering descriptions of the food Ricker supplies in the cookbook (or the photography by Austin Bush), so rather than go into detail about the preparation process for this dish (which, actually, is relatively simple), I’ll just say that this recipe, along with several of the other recipes from the book that I’ve tried thus far, really demonstrated to me the complexity of flavor present in Thai cuisine. I’ve always loved Thai food, but been unable to reproduce that singular flavor in my own kitchen. This dish is particularly reliant on the kaphrao (hot basil), as well as the classic Thai flavors of lime, fish sauce, and Thai chiles.

2015-10-19 17.41.12

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