Quinoa Risotto with Lamb Meatballs

During a visit to Trader Joe’s, I was unable to find a packet of arborio rice. This disappointed me; I haven’t been able to find a package there for quite some time, now.

Instead, I purchased quinoa. The back of the package had a recipe for quinoa risotto. I ignored the recipe, but decided to make risotto with lamb meatballs.

I mixed the ground lamb with fresh mint, cilantro, cinnamon, curry powder, onion, habanero, and garlic, then cracked an egg into the bowl and mixed it all with bread crumbs. I formed meatballs and baked them until crispy but still tender.

Meanwhile, I sauteed onions, garlic, and habanero. Once browned, I added in quinoa, and browned this with some butter. Then I slowly added in water, stirring for about 20 minutes, until it was all done. I added in squash at some point, and mint and cilantro. Finally, I mixed in the meatballs.

It was a scrumptious feast.

2016-03-21 20.07.53

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